I first started going to Michele after my one dog had been hit by a car. (the bad timing of a front gate being opened with a Franklin right across the road at the same time as a  4X4 flying around the corner, was an all round bad combination) She was put onto the obligatory anti-inflammatories and I was told to rest her until all the bruising and stiffness had gone down, but she never seemed to have got back to her old self again. The other dogs now seemed to take great delight in crashing into her on their runs causing her to do complete tumbles, which they had not been able to do prior to the accident. I also noticed on our daily walks and runs that she did not seem to run as well as the others. She could no longer keep up with them and even tried to avoid them. Her gait was “odd” and just not right any more. She was also not as keen and eager to do any of her agility training resulting in my stopping her agility work.(All my dogs do competitive agility and dog jumping)

I did initially umm and ahh about alternative ways of treating her and had been told by quite a few people to try a Chiropractor. Michele Broadhursts name was given to me each time. I eventually did make an appointment and have never looked back. The improvement in Mieka was almost instantaneous. The other dogs no longer had the advantage over her that they had got used to. She was able to stand her ground and once again, was able to give back as good as she got from the other dogs. She is back in with her agility work again and is once again loving it.

Due to the fact that I have 4 extremely boisterous and active herding dogs, they often crash into each other and hurt themselves in their extremely exuberant rough housing.  I periodically have to take one of them down to Michele for a check up and manipulation if it is required. All my dogs absolutely love their visits and I never have to coax or try to convince any of them to go into the consulting rooms. In fact it is a ritual with them. They lead the way into the consulting rooms where they first say hi to Margarete, the receptionist. Then they say hi to any patients who are waiting and then a very warm greeting for Michele’s partner and of course for Michele when she comes out to collect us. My husband once had to take one of my other dogs down to see Michelle as I was away. He was not at all sure if he was at the correct place but went on the assumption that he was, as Cassidy took the initiative and took him straight to the consulting rooms. She knew exactly where to go.

 I have found Michele to be very thorough and knowledgeable in her field and am very happy with the way she treats and handles my dogs on each of our visits. Her interaction with the dogs is excellent, which is evident in the way all my dogs are quite happy to go back for any follow up or new visits. This is paramount to me as my dogs are all very special to me. At the end of each consultation there are always  appreciative licks from the dogs and of course a rewarding nibble out of the treat box, which all of them know very well.

Seona Grobbelaar

I am a racehorse trainer and Michele Broadhurst has been working in my yard for over a year now. Her work has proved an invaluable aid in training my horses. Whilst every case is different, the turnabout time in some layoff cases has been remarkable. Some horses may require ongoing treatment but others have returned sound after a treatment or two. In addition, once an injured or painful area is identified, I can make the necessary changes to the horses work or even it’s tack.

As a professional Michele is approachable and transparent, especially evident in cases where she feels her work is not aiding the horse. Farriers, vets, dental technicians, physiotherapists etc. have always played a role in my yard, and acupuncture on occasions but I must admit I was skeptical when it came to chiropractic work on such a large animal. The results have changed my views, even though there are cases where horses haven’t responded to treatments, which is totally understandable. The real acid test is that Michele continues to work in my yard today and as such I can only recommend her work.

Eric Sands ( Sands racing)

Dear Reader

Prior to us meeting Dr. Michele Broadhurst my 10 year old Labrador, Tascha, had been battling for almost 2 years with pain in her lower back area and a subsequent limp in her right hind leg. She was on daily medication for pain and inflammation and had numerous X-rays and examinations under sedation. Our veterinary doctor could, however, not find any clear indication of what was causing the problems that Tascha was experiencing. Our options were to do an exploratory MRI scan (a costly exercise) or to open up the knee to look at the joint.

Our chiropractor friend then suggested we take Tascha to see Dr. Broadhurst, a chiropractor who is also trained and registered to work with animals. During our first consultation Dr. Broadhurst took a thorough look at Tascha and her X-rays and began working on the areas that she felt were causing problems.

Tascha has been seeing Dr. Broadhurst for 6 months now and the results have been incredible. Our dog who lay around for the majority of the day and was so evidently in pain has a new lease on life. She is completely off her medication and with the help of maintenance consultations every 8 weeks, is using both her back legs. She is able to go for walks again, takes regular dips in the pool and bounds around the garden like a puppy.

During the consultations Tascha is relaxed and shows no signs of anxiety. Dr, Broadhurst has a wonderful manner with Tascha and always takes time to explain her treatment.

We can highly recommend Dr. Broadhurst as she has been such a blessing in our lives.

Yours truly,

C.J. Pollet

After trying most treatments and not getting Sasha’s shoulder  a 100% cured, it was sad for us to think that we could not help her to be more comfortable. After her treatment with you Sasha is now back to her normal busy self. When she trots down the passageway I always get a smile on my face as it was over a year ago that I last heard that sound. On hearing her my first thought is always “Thank you Michele for treating her”

After  Sasha’s treatment I knew that with your expertise and genuine caring for animals that you could help my other dogs as well.

Zara the old girl is more mobile and comfortable after her treatment, and we will be taking her back regularly to keep her comfortable until she passes on.

Your diagnosis on our puppy Zivah at her first consultation has helped us to deal with her grade 4 hipdysplacia and keep her comfortable until she has her operation. Thanks for all your advice  as I have never had a dog with hip problems and had no knowledge about the condition. Your knowledge,honesty and what was best for her meant a lot to me and I feel that I can always trust you as you have my dogs best interests at heart, and that is most important to me.

Thank you for all you patience with them when they are over excited and behaving badly.

I  will certainly be recommending you at our Dog Training club. It is such a pleasure dealing with someone like you that is always smiling, friendly,caring  and professional.


Mila was a happy, healthy Labrador who lived an active life of 12 and a half years. He was our best friend, inspiration in life and unconditional life partner, our “child”.

We awoke one morning to hear a yelp from Mila…

As we approached him it was obvious that he was having difficulty walking and appeared to be in discomfort or pain. He couldn’t walk!!

Eventually limping with his hip and middle to lower back area appearing to trouble him, as well as his right foot/front leg was stiffened and out of alignment.

I tried to massage his limbs so as to keep his circulation going. His movements were restricted to getting him outside for ablutions and back inside. Prior to this he had one to two walks a day and was perfectly fine!

Through my personal life, health and yoga, I felt he needed a chiropractor. Through networking I managed to find Michele. We made an appointment and she came to see Mila. I cannot begin to tell you how these visits and treatments changed all our lives.

Michele really connects with her patients and owners and I liken her to the “horse whisperer”. Mila’s spine and hips were out of alignment and she slowly, gently worked with him and on him.

A couple of places were uncomfortable for him (which she anticipated), but the freedom he received afterwards was miraculous. Part of his muscle area at the top of one of his back legs was beginning to atrophy, which soon recovered as he started to walk.

Sometimes after treatment he would be quite fatigued for a day or so, but then he would recover as his body rested and released from the uncomfortable hold it had been keeping.

We would take him out for gentle, short walks up and down the road. Michele came quite frequently at the beginning and then over a year and a half there were bigger gaps in her visits.

Slowly but surely he regained strength and energy and had complete freedom to walk and trot on his walks once a day with us. HIS “LIFE” WAS BACK!!!

We as a family are eternally grateful to Michele. Her abilities are so special, plus her natural passion for what she does, if needed, are essential to aid in the well being of your pet. We feel privileged to know her. Our heartfelt gratitude and best wishes to her and her team.

Lindzi, Camps Bay

My horse was resisting work in certain manoeuvres, particularly tight work on the left lead. It became apparent that there was something wrong. I got a reputable physiotherapist out twice but the problem persisted. After much research on the Internet I realised that I needed an Equine Chiropractor. By chance I had heard about one of very few equine chiropractors in SA through a friend and gave Michele Broadhurst a call.

Michele, hearing my desperation came out the very next day.

Within minutes she could tell me exactly where the horse was sore and proceeded with his first treatment.  After the second treatment he was relieved of pain and ready for work. I started working again and was happy to find that the resistance was no more.

Michele is my first point of call if I see any signs of back or neck pain in horses.

Thanks Michele for having passion in what you do so very well.


Lizelle Garland

My daughter, husband and I have been patients of Michele Broadhurst and her husband Anthony Angus, for many years.

We all find her a charming and very sympathetic person; one always leaves her with sense of peace and contentment as well as a relief from pain.

I recommend her, without hesitation, to all my friends and people I meet who would benefit from her healing touch.

I was thrilled to learn she had become qualified to treat animals in her capacity as chiropractor. I have taken dogs to her on a regular basis since. They enter her rooms, sore and anxious and within moments they are calm. By the end of her treatment, the release of tension and pain is clearly visible and their mobility greatly increased. She has a wonderful understanding and connection with my dogs, and I trust her judgment and treatment implicitly.

Rosemary Fitch, 0828211745






My beautiful little miniature long haired dachshund Ruby out of the blue developed a bad back with partial paralysis in her back legs. Having been through the same thing with another dachshund, I knew the road to recovery was going to be very long or was not going to happen at all. I had heard about Dr Michele Broadhurst from a friend who strongly suggested that I see her. My first appointment I went with a very open mind but to my amazement Ruby after a few days seemed to be much better. We have now had 4 appointments and Ruby is back on her feet and has joined my other dachshunds again and is running around the garden. She will most likely never go into the show ring again but that is the least of my concerns, as I have got my beautiful girl back onto her feet and pain free. We now will be going for check ups every now and then and the future looks bright for Ruby.



I first read about Michele in a local newspaper 3 years ago, and I decided to give her a try as my Labrador Keiko was starting to suffer with arthritis and showing signs of discomfort. I can only say that it has been a pleasure being able to have someone like Michele work on my animals. She has a lot of passion for the work that she does and is always a pleasure to be around because of it. She has now treated both my Labradors and my cat with much success. I have always felt confident with advice that she has given me and have found her to be very knowledgeable. Michele is really wonderful with animals and I can highly recommend her both as a human and animal chiropractor.

Thank you Michele from Tandie, Keiko, Baxter and their owner Janet.

I first met Dr Broadhurst through a reference with my youngest Scottie Maurice’s scotty cramp, a neurological disorder that affects movement of the limbs. Her advice on the mobility issues with this disorder proved to be invaluable in the management of Maurice’s condition, and as a result he’s a healthy, happy little chap today! She’s subsequently treated my other two Scotties as well, and sees them all on a regular basis. She recently also assisted in the vetting of a horse that I wanted to purchase by meticulously scrutinizing every joint and vertebrae before I signed anything! She now also treats both my horses regularly.